Interim Executive Committee

1. Mr. Humphrey Monde, President
2. Mr. Prashant Vaghela, 1st vice President
3. Mr. ocean Mwanachilala 2nd Vice President
4. Ms. Beatrice H Kaimbo Executive Secretary Org & Ops
5. Mr. Deluxe B Mwansa Executive Secretary Admin & Mgt
6. Ms. Nchimunya MalamboVice Executive Secretary
7. Ms. Florence Ndhlovu Financial Secretary
8. Mr. Richard Nkunika Senior Trustee
9. Mr. Francis Matantilo Trustee
10. Mr. Francis Phiri Trustee
11. Ms. Chimuka Monde Trustee
12. Professor Mutinga Ex-officio
13. Ms. Ethy Siakasaka Ex-officio

General Assembly

The highest organ of the UFEZ is the General Assembly which is composed of delegates drawn from the Executive Committee and the Employers and Business Membership Organizations. The General Assembly is held every four years

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is composed of the President, two Vice Presidents, two Executive Secretaries, one responsible for administration and management, the other for organization and operations. Others are Vice Executive Secretary, Financial Secretary, four Trustees. Two ex-officials are appointed by the Assembly from the delegates as members of the Executive Committee. Tenure of office is four years.


The President is the head of the Secretariat as fulltime elected official, assisted by two Executive Secretaries, one for Administration and Management, the other for organization and operations. Other Secretariat fulltime officials are Vice Executive Secretary and Financial Secretary. The Secretariat may recommend for employment of support staff.

Provincial Co-ordinators

Provincial Co-ordinators are appointed by the President in consultation with the Executive Committee and report to the secretariat.

District Co-ordinators

District Co-ordinators are appointed by the President in consultation with the Executive Committee and report to the secretariat.


All Employers and Membership Business Organizations including:

  • Employers’ Associations
  • Professional Institutions
  • Chambers of Commerce and other industries
  • Labour & Business Consultancy organizations
  • local & International & International Associates

Key partners

  • Ministry of Labour & Social Security
  • Zambia Congress of Trade Unions
  • Federation of Free Trade Unions of Zambia
  • Zambia Federation of Employers
  • International Labour Organization
  • Friedrich Ebert Stiftung


  • National Pension Scheme Authority
  • Workers Compensation Fund Control Board
  • Public Service Pensions Board
  • Local Authorities Superannuation Fund
  • National Health Insurance Management Authority
  • Pensions & Insurance Authority
  • Zambia Institute of Human Resources Management
  • All Professional bodies
  • Private Sector Business organizations
  • Government
  • Civil Society Orgnisations
  • Academic Institutions
  • Research and Development organisations
  • Regional, continental & global institutions