Who is a Member of UFEZ?

Every employer employing more than one employee in the public and private sector.

Membership Category:

1 to 5 Workers

6 to 10 workers

11 to 15 workers

16 to 20 workers 

21 workers and above

membership Fees and Annual Subscriptions are paid according to the categories stated above.

Contact Secretariat on amounts for each of the categories.

What Services do Members Receive?

  1. Empower management with negotiation and collective bargaining skills and management of bargaining unit process

2. Engage with Government in consultation with workers organizations to improve labor market policies which promote business sustainability and economic progress.

3. Assist and advise employers to resolve labor disputes, deadlocks, illegal work stoppages and any other form of industrial unrest.

4. Guide and assist employers to formulate fair disciplinary procedures and codes of conduct at workplaces.

5. Advocate with other social and economic structures and institutions to review national social and economic policies which may be detrimental to business growth.

6. Encourage compliance by employer members to abide by national laws, regulations and embrace corporate governance and ethical conduct.

7. Facilitate training of employers in labor and industrial relations matters 

8. Uphold and promote labor migration management and governance standards.

9. Support and collaborate with employers and stakeholders in protecting the environment, particularly companies which invest in clean energy and resources to produce, store and distribute goods and services.

10. Represent membership organizations locally and abroad.  





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No. of workers employed
Membership Fee (Paid once only)
Annual Subscription Fee